Monday, September 28, 2009

Making QuickBooks Customers Active, easily

Question:How can I make all our customers active with outdoing them one at a time ?

Answer: You can export the list as a .iif file. You can do this under File>Utilities>Export>Files to IIF. Select the Customer List. Save the file to your desktop and make sure you keep the extension .iif (always). You can then open this file in Excel. There is a column called HIDDEN. This is a Y or N. You can autofill an N all the way down the list. Then save and replace the file with the new data. Make a good backup of your QuickBooks file, then you can import the changes. You will find the import under the same utilities that you found the export under. If imports as a .iif not an excel import. If you need assistance we can help.

Denise Magee
Quality Consulting and Billing, Your Expert QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Consultants