Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Deleting QuickBooks Payment and Deposit Transactions

Changing a received payment can be a little tricky. If the payment that you wish to change has already been posted in a deposit, then if the deposit has not been reconciled already, you can delete the deposit, make the changes to the received payment, then make the corrected deposit. If the deposit was reconciled, then you need to open the deposit, enter in a new line at the bottom and post it to the FROM ACCOUNT (pick any income account) and enter in the AMOUNT of the one line of that payment. You then need to click once on the line that you need to make changes to Once that line is highlighted, you need to click on the EDIT button from your main menu, then click on DELETE LINE. This will not change your deposit amount, but it will unlock your payment so you can edit it. Doing this will also not change your reconciliation. Once you have made the changes needed, you will need to edit that deposit again and click on the payments button in te header of the deposit window, select the payment to be deposited, then you will need to select the temporary income line that you put in as a placeholder and click on EDIT-DELETE LINE.