Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Memorizing QuickBooks Transactions

If you want to make things a little easier on yourself, look at using memorized transactions. You can memorize invoices, estimates, purchase orders, sales orders, journal entries, checks, bills, just to name a few. Why do this? SAVE A LOT OF TIME! Think about all those entries that are the same every month...Rent/Mortgage, monthly or yearly dues, insurance, invoices, etc. If you already have entered the transaction you wish to memorize then simply open the transaction up and click on Edit (from the main menu) then click on Memorize Trasaction. Once you are in the memorize transaction screen, then you can choose how frequently you want this transaction to repeat. You can also simply choose to not repeat it but rather keep it as a "template" to use later. Maybe you have a large invoice or PO that you want ot keep to use over and over again. If you have not entered the transaction in before, simply act as if you are adding the transaction in for the firs time, then instead of save and close, click on Edit, then Memorize "Transaction"(bill, invoice, etc.) Then unless you want to actualy add the transaction you just entered, close that window without making changes. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts CTRL+M is Memorize Transactions and CTRL+T is to Open the Memorized Transaction List.